Bereaved parents still worry about their child - even when they are gone

Bereaved parents still worry about their child - even when they are gone

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Bereaved parents still worry about their child - even when they are gone

Being a parent means that we carry the love and care for our children forever, even when they are gone.

If you have been thinking about your beloved child, where they are, and how they are feeling now, know that you are not alone.

A lot of, if not all bereaved parents, claim that their worries mostly sounded like this:


1. Is my child now in a safe place? A bereaved parent worries about where their beloved child is now. Are they in a safe place? Is there something after this life? This question can awake both religious and philosophical questions of life. 


2. Are they cold? I thought that I was alone in this one, but talking with other parents, especially bereaved mothers, showed me that they also wondered if their child was cold now. 

This shows us that becoming a parent lasts for your entire life - you will still think about them a lot and worry even when they are gone. 


3. Are they alone or afraid? When connected to the previous two facts, we come to the third one. This makes us sad believing that our children may be alone somewhere out there, yet we perfectly know that something like that would be logical. That's what a grieving process looks like, you get tons of new thoughts you never thought could exist. 


4. Are they angry at me? We can probably connect this question to the grieving process, especially the guilt part. You will ask yourself if your child may be angry or mad at you ''because you weren't able to save them or protect them.'' 


5. Can they hear me? This one will come to your mind too. You will wonder if your child sees you or hears you. It may be a good sign and show that you are in the part of the grieving process called acceptance and hope


Always remember that there is no universal way to grieve. It is completely normal to feel whatever you feel. You must accept your emotions and feel them entirely. 


Can you relate to this topic?

If yes, feel free to share your own thoughts. 

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