How to know if my mental health status is improving?

How to know if my mental health status is improving?

By: Hermita
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How to know if my mental health status is improving?

If you have been fighting with depression for a while, and are wondering if your mental health status is finally improving, read this article.

Often, we don’t notice those subtle signs that our mental health actually is improving, but they shouldn’t be neglected.

Those who are going to therapy for a longer period of time also want to know if there are some improvements. These signs say yes:

  1. Simple daily things don’t feel like a huge burden anymore. Depressed people know very well how hard it may be just to get out of bed in the morning. If you are getting out of your bed easier than before, you are doing a great job.
  2. Your hygiene has improved. Even your hygiene seems to be better - you are taking regular showers and brushing your teeth like before. Congratulations!
  3. You started working on your appearance. You start to care how you look. Maybe you are buying new clothes or updating your style. This is a great sign your mental health is improving.
  4. You want to hang out more with people you like. Being social again is also a huge sign that you are doing great about improving your overall well-being. Escape toxic people and surround yourself with those who light up your energy.
  5. Future. You think about the future more, what can be changed, and you start making plans for your life. You may notice that you are also either trying to break a bad habit or taking more time for yourself to work on yourself.

Can you think of some other subtle mental signs that your mental health is improving? 

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