Warning signs that your mental health is getting worse

Warning signs that your mental health is getting worse

By: Hermita
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Warning signs that your mental health is getting worse

In the depression part of the grieving process, you will usually feel very exhausted. There are some common depression signs, but in this blog post, I wanted to point out some other things that may show you need a little bit more attention and help.


These are some warning mental health signs people usually don't talk about but definitely can represent depression or at least a depressive episode:


1. Sudden emotional outbursts. They are mostly about anger, sadness, or frustration. 

2. Withdrawal. You tend to stay indoors more and more. Going out becomes completely exhausting. 

3. Canceling plans. You start cancelling plans with your friends and family. Work-related events become a nightmare, too. 

4. Sudden increase in substance use and risky behavior. You stop caring about yourself and your physical health. 

5. No self-care and changed appearance. This leads us to the next step - you can stop caring about your clothes, hygiene, or your weight. 

6. You stopped caring about things that once mattered. You don't enjoy all those activities that once were your favorite. 

7. Even small mistakes make you angry and desperate. Finding yourself getting very frustrated when even the smallest things don't go right. Usually, this is when the frustration kicks in. 

8. Hopelessness towards future. Don't think about the future anymore and feel completely lost, with no plans, wishes, and hopes. 

9. Your living space is getting messier and messier. Living space isn't cleaned as often as well and that doesn't bother you. 

10. Oversleeping. Oversleeping is also very common. It is difficult to get out from the bed. 

+ You don't have enough energy to interact with other people, even if that means answering text messages. This can be characterized as some sort of withdrawal as well. You realize that even replying to a text message is hard. You don't find joy in communicating with others. It becomes exhausting.

People also tend to feel the need to run away from everyone and everything. 

Remember that you have been through a lot and that you are probably also experiencing burnout syndrome. 

Here, you can find some useful tips that will help you to get over it easier. 

Can you come up with some other signs that may represent a problem with mental health?

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  • Emma1

    19 Feb 2024, 09:32

    Giving away precious possessions may be a bad sign too. Yet, it is usually more linked to suicidal intenstions.