Subtle signs your mental health is improving

Subtle signs your mental health is improving

By: Hermita
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Subtle signs your mental health is improving

As you have realized, we write not only about bad things on this blog but also about positive changes and signs you may experience through your grieving journey.
Here, I list some subtle yet significant indications that you are doing better than you think.

When you subconsciously decide to fight negatives in your life and get a will to live once again, many of these small but important changes will appear:


1. You find it easier to get out of the bed.  I have already written an article about oversleeping and why it may happen to you in the grieving process. If you find yourself getting out of bed earlier and with more energy, those are great signs your mental health status is getting better. 
2. Responding to messages is not a burden anymore. We have also talked about how some minor tasks and obligations may sound and feel like a burden. If you are doing all those tiny tasks without getting irritated, that's amazing. 
3. You think about making a change. You are doing something different in your daily life. You are either trying to break a bad habit or taking more time for yourself to work on yourself. 
4. You are more active than before. Various activities give you more energy. You enjoy sports, or just going for a walk. You are leaving your house often more than before. 
5. Other people can inspire you to do better. You feel like you can learn something new from others. You can inspire yourself to follow positive examples. 

6. Taking care of your hygiene is easier than before. Taking a shower or brushing your teeth doesn't sound like a hard task anymore. 
7. Normal daily activities don't drain all your energy. You have the energy to complete tasks in your workplace once again. You start thinking about applying yourself more. 
8. You think about the future and make plans. Congratulations! You are one step closer to acceptance and hope. We are proud of you - keep going! And remember that it doesn't matter if you fail in anything, you can try as many times as it is needed. Just don't give up - things will get better, I promise. 


Remember that getting better is usually a process of your inner work. A lot of people don't realize that they have been working on themselves, but the grieving journey is a work itself. Others claim that they got better after therapies. No one is the same and every grieving journey is different. Do what works for you.


Can you think of some other subtle signs that may show your mental health is getting better?

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