You shouldn't feel bad and guilty about these things

You shouldn't feel bad and guilty about these things

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You shouldn't feel bad and guilty about these things

As a bereaved parent, you may sometimes feel guilty about daily simple things other people enjoy. Of course, you have enjoyed those once as well, but after losing a child, it may be a bit strange to remember how life once felt.


I have created a list of some simple things traumatized people often feel guilty about.

You shouldn't feel bad or guilty for:

1. Protecting your own energy. You have the absolute right to protect your own energy and to control how others affect you. Don't feel bad about it, even when it is about your family and friends. 

2. Wanting to recharge alone and enjoying solitude. You have 100% right to enjoy your own company as spend and much time as you need enjoying solitude. This is very therapeutic for your grieving journey. 

3. Removing toxic people from your life. If you feel that someone isn't good for you, it is completely okay to remove toxic people from your life. They don't have right to drain your energy. 

4. Filling your own cup with things that make you happy. Do those things that make you happy, despite what others will say. 

5. Your idea of fun and activities you enjoy. Your hobbies are your hobbies - you shouldn't try to explain that to anyone. 

6. The length of time it takes you to respond. There's no need to apologize because you are not always available. 

7. Saying no to the things you don't like and don't want in life. If you are a people pleaser, remind yourself that you can say no to anything you don't want in your life. 

8. Eating and enjoying your food. As a bereaved parent, you have probably felt guilty at least once for enjoying your meal because your child cannot. 

9. Personal life choices. You don't owe an explanation to anyone. 

10. Asking for help. If you still don't know how to ask for help and receive it, read this article. 

11. Your spiritual beliefs. You don't have to explain to others why you've chosen certain spiritual beliefs and religions. 

12. Your imperfections. No one is perfect - imperfections make us different from others and that is what is beautiful about people - diversity. Of course, working on yourself and improving what is needed is always very welcomed. 

13. The way you grieve. I have said this many times on this website but I will tell you once again - there is no universal way of grieving. Everyone is different - you should follow your own journey and have respect for others' way of grieving too. 


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