Burnout syndrome - what is it

Burnout syndrome - what is it

By: Hermita
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Burnout syndrome - what is it

A burnout syndrome is linked to the nowadays, modern way of life, where people don't have enough time for themselves. You, as a bereaved parent, are not only overwhelmed with work and family obligations and problems, but you also have a burden of grief on your shoulders.
Therefore, you're more prone to experiencing a burnout syndrome. In this article, we will help you understand what it is and which symptoms it causes.

Many psychologists link burnout syndrome to exhaustion from job, but we believe that it can be linked to literally anything in life, or better said - you are exhausted from your everyday life and the obligations that come with it. 
When can you experience a burnout? You will have it from the daily emotional exhaustion and toxic emotions. This can later on affect both your mental and physical health.

These are the most common symptoms of a burnout:

1. You feel that nothing is under your control. There'll appear the pressure to make everything right once again, yet you will start feeling like nothing is under your control anymore and that the bad things are happening one after the another.

2. Loss of energy. The name of the syndrome says it all - it's literally a burnout. You will constantly feel tired and have a lack of motivation not only to complete the needed task, but also to live. Fatigue can come from complicated interpersonal problems, which are definitely a part of the grieving journey.

3. Discouraged and hopeless. Besides feeling completely tired all the time, you will also experience low self-esteem, which will come together with being discouraged about literally anything. You won't feel like doing anything, even the things you once enjoyed and you will feel hopeless.

4. Irregular sleeping patterns. You will either sleep too much, or not sleep at all. Anyways, you won't feel refreshed when waking up in the morning.




5. Addictions. A lot of people who have experienced burnout were prone to addictions, such as alcohol or drug use. This way, people were trying to find at least some comfort when it comes to fighting negative emotions and feelings.

6. Constant muscle pain. Even if you work in an office, your body will be so tired that your muscles will hurt all the time. You will feel like you have been working out too much, even if you haven't.

7. Immune system. When you are under such amounts of stress, your immune system will become weaker too. You are more prone to catch a cold or flu infection.

8. Risk for certain diseases. For people who don't do anything about burnout syndrome, it's a must to know that this path can lead you to some diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, as well as heart diseases and severe depression.

Now that we know what are the main symptoms of a burnout syndrome, we will together find a solution for this problem in our next blog post. We hope that you haven't recognized these symptoms within yourself or your loved ones, but if you have - visit our blog section because we will write about solutions for a burnout syndrome very soon. 

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