Bereaved Parents

Psychology claims that losing a child is the number 1 stressful event anyone can experience in life. Unfortunately, besides such a huge tragedy a parent that has lost a child must face all those daily struggles, and only bereaved parents know how many things such a category can include.

As a person who has lost a child and went through the entire grieving process, I would like to help you not to feel lost and alone as I did.

This website is created with the purpose to guide you through the hardest events and darkest moments. You'll learn what the grieving process looks like and know what's happening to you at any moment of your loss journey.

Besides that, we'll share tons of useful articles in our blog section that will cover literally anything you can think of, but no one told you before - starting from how to gain energy and get out of bed in the morning after the loss, through dealing with the environment and people who don't understand or don't know how to support you, and even working on yourself and becoming a better person. There are millions of topics a grieving process can include, especially for bereaved parents, and barely anyone talks about that. We decided to change that situation. 

*Vilomah is another word for parents who have lost a child. It tries to explain why this process is the hardest one that can happen to someone in life due to the fact that it doesn't follow a natural cycle of life and death.

This community is for all parents who have lost a child - doesn't matter if you're into grieving process because of a stillbirth or even a miscarriage, or you have lost a full grown adult child. We don't compare grief, sadness, and loss.

We respect everyone's feelings and an individualized grieving process. This is your place to feel safe and become a part of our community.