Reborn dolls - life-like dolls

Reborn dolls - life-like dolls

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Reborn dolls - life-like dolls

There's one thing about reborn dolls, and it definitely is that people just don't get it.

And while there are still too many people who believe that reborn and lifelike dolls are scary and can be even harmful to your mental health and stability, here is what we found out.


It's true - people really don't get it from where all this hype comes from. But imagine losing your baby and then at least being able to have a doll that looks completely like your precious child. Is that a bit bizarre and morbid? For some, it is, but for others - they can that it's really relieving to have a chance to hug your child once again. 

Reborn dolls can be used to make the grieving process a bit easier, especially in those phases where parents feel stuck. You probably keep the memories of your child, so you have a safe place to feel them once again. Owners of the reborn and life-like dolls claim that it's the same as keeping the memories. 


One of the sentences coming from the owners of Reborn Doll says something that really hit me hard, and it sounds like that: "Reborn dolls don't die." 

Of course, bereaved parents aren't the only ones who use reborn dolls. There are a lot of parents who haven't been through the tragedy of losing a child, yet still love buying life-like dolls. We won't talk about their motives here because our website is focused on something else. They say that they love reborn dolls because they don't leave you or grow up.


How much does a reborn doll cost?


Those can cost anything from $30 to even $25,000. Of course, the more authentic the doll looks like, the more expensive it will be.  

Many people use these dolls to try to fill their void because they weren't able to have their own children. 


The reborn doll community and the market is real and growing - today, reborn dolls are even capable to eat, poop, and sometimes even get sick. 


What is your personal opinion about reborn dolls?

Do you believe that they can be useful for grieving parents who have lost a baby?


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