Can depression affect how our face looks?

Can depression affect how our face looks?

By: Hermita
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Can depression affect how our face looks?

Depression is usually followed by mixed negative feelings, such as feelings of guilt, or anger.

If you are feeling frustrated and easily get triggered by even the smallest things, know that prolonged depression can cause premature wrinkles. 

Here are all the changes you may see if you are depressed for a long period of time, or know someone who is:

  1. Forehead lines and wrinkles. As already mentioned, feeling depressed usually comes with a lot of anger, at least from time to time. Depression comes with worries as well, so you may notice forehead lines and wrinkles.
  2. If you cry a lot or have issues with sleeping… If this is your problem, whether we talk about insomnia or oversleeping, you may develop visible under-eye bags.
  3. ‘’Moon face’’. If your face is constantly round and looks swollen, that may be due to high cortisol levels in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone and usually comes with depression and anxiety.
  4. Red face. Your skin may also turn reddish, due to feeling shy, having low self-esteem, or even due to anger.

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