Doom scrolling and why you should escape it

Doom scrolling and why you should escape it

By: Hermita
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Doom scrolling and why you should escape it

In the previous article of our blog section, I wrote about hypochondria and explained that health anxiety can be worsened by surfing the Internet

You probably know how that goes - you want to read something, and then you end up reading about literally everything. Many sources aren't even valuable and you may find false information, which may trigger your anxiety or panic attacks.

Another problem is doom scrolling - this is a new term, describing a person who is constantly searching for negative material online. Those can be news related to tragedies, illnesses, murders, or anything related.

The problem with this type of scrolling online is that you may feel that one news brings you to the other - it is an endless circle.

Doom scrolling will impact both your mind and body in many negative ways. In one of our previous articles, I have already explained how anxiety affects your brain and body, but this is a bit different.

Doomscrolling is known under another name - doomsurfing. This term was first created after Covid-19 and during the pandemic, when people were locked in their apartments, usually searching for symptoms or bad news non-stop.

Saddening or negative material, in this case, should be used with the purpose of protecting that person from such tragedies happening to them. Of course, we all know that it is wrong to think that way and that it is not possible, but that's a psychological explanation behind this phenomenon.

 People who have a bit higher levels of neuroticism than others are the ones who usually fall into the traps of doomsrcolling. Increased sadness is another reason why people may constantly search and scroll through material with negative connotation online. Doom-scrolling, if practiced regularly, can affect the way about how you think about the future. You may feel like you are constantly waiting for something bad to happen.


How to stop doom scrolling or doom surfing?

There are some steps you can take with a purpose to break this negative habit. 


1. How do you feel when you doomscroll? Some people may think that they have new knowledge and that doomscrolling will keep them protected from any tragedy happening. Be sure that you really think about how you feel after doomsurfing? Was it helpful, or are you feeling anxious, losing self-esteem, worrying about the future and feeling helpless? 

2. Limiting your daily screen time is a must. Digital balance is a must in the nowadays modern tech world. If you just can't stop doomscrolling at this moment, be sure that you limit your daily time for it for 15 minutes. With time, try to manage that even better, and in the end, you will finally break this toxic habit. Think about the content you are consuming - hide all those news that are having a bad impact on your mental health.

3. Be the one in charge. Instead of drowning yourself in sad, frightening, and negative news and content, know that you are the one in charge who decides about it all. Find a support group that will understand you, where you will be able to find useful information and to make your life better. 


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