Disappear from online world for 6 months - here's why

Disappear from online world for 6 months - here's why

By: Hermita
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Disappear from online world for 6 months - here's why

From time to time, it is always good to take a break from the online world. That's exactly what every therapist will tell you, especially if you are going through hard times.

When everything seems like too much and when you feel distracted, and don't know how to continue your life on a daily basis, it may be useful to ''isolate'' yourself from others.

In the modern world, it seems like how we are spending too much time online and that definitely drags our energy down.

Why do I recommend taking a break from the entire online world for at least half a year? Because I have tried this and it worked in so many great ways.

Here is what happened when I decided to go offline for almost two years, but I recommend that you first try with 6 months and see if this practice suits you.


1. You will be at peace. We usually hear a lot of bad news through various Internet channels, and when you are in your grieving process, this can just worsen things or be a trigger of some sort. Without the online world, you will feel more relaxed, safer, and at peace. 

2. You will have more energy to focus on what matters in your life - right now, it is probably healing. Don't spend your energy on the things that aren't of great value. Use all your energy to focus on healing and getting better on a daily basis. 

3. You will have more time for introspection. Learn more about yourself and your reactions and character. The grief journey will help you learn a lot about yourself. 

4. Learning who your real friends are. When you aren't constantly online saying hello to everyone you know and asking them how they are, you will learn that many of those virtual friends aren't your real friends. Once you go offline, you will learn who your real friends are. 

5. Understanding that social media isn't the real life. Bereaved parents often claim that they are sick and tired of the fake amazing atmosphere within the families online, which can also be a trigger for your prolonged sadness. Once you take a break from virtual reality, you will understand that life on the Internet is a bit fake and that people represent themselves in the best possible manner, while in real life, they aren't that great. 

6. Living life in the moment. Going offline for a while will also help you to live in a moment once again. Find those things you once enjoyed, or take up a new hobby. Don't spend your time wasting it on something that isn't that important. 


How do you like this idea?

Will you try it?

Would it be hard for you to be without the Internet for 6 months?

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  • Lari

    19 Feb 2024, 09:35

    Yes, and you will finally learn who are important people in your life and who you were just wasting your time and energy with.