Why do we feel guilt when we lose a loved one?

Why do we feel guilt when we lose a loved one?

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Why do we feel guilt when we lose a loved one?

Even if you couldn’t do anything different to stop the tragedy from happening when it comes to losing a loved one, you will feel guilty for at least one period of time of the grieving process.

Usually, people are shocked when they hear the news about their beloved person being gone, but after that passes, you may start to feel guilty for various sorts of things.

For example, not only you will think about if there was anything you could do differently to save them, but you may also feel guilty because you are still alive.

For parents who have lost a child, it will be the hardest. Your self-esteem will probably drop a lot and you'll start feeling like you don't deserve anything. This is important to say because a lot of bereaved parents claimed how they thought that they don't even deserve to eat, have fun, or have a good night's sleep because their child cannot do that anymore.

When you try to leave home, you will feel like everyone else is blaming you for what happened. For example, mothers who have lost their children claim that they felt like they were bad parents when compared to others whose children are still alive.


Some said that they not only felt guilt but also regret. You may remember some arguments or difficult times with the person who is gone now and feel guilty about how you behaved back then.

Others say that they feel like the person who is gone is angry at them. This is especially true for bereaved parents.

People who have lost a loved one may feel guilty because they are not coping in an expected manner. You may have your own way of grieving, while you may feel that others expect you to act in a certain manner.

Know that it is okay to grieve in a way that suits you - there is no universal way to grieve.

If you are lost in the grieving process and need a bit of support from someone who understands, know that you can download a free e-book here. It will help you to understand what you are experiencing after losing a loved one. 

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