Suicide - warning signs

Suicide - warning signs

By: Hermita
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Suicide - warning signs

Suicide signs and symptoms may vary from person to person, but some things are same for all suicidal people. If you've noticed that some of your family members are experiencing complicated grief, it may be a good and smart idea to watch closely if they show any of these signs which may predict suicidal actions. 

According to the Suicide Prevention Resource Center,

we can divide suicide signs into two categories, where one will indicate immediate risk and a need to act, and the other will represent a serious suicidal behavior, which may lead to suicide later.


Let's start with those signs that should be acted upon immediately.

These are the most common suicidal signs and symptoms that conclude immediate risk:


1. Person is constantly talking about wanting to die or commiting a suicide. They will probably think of the ways too. This behavior leads us to the second fact.

2. A suicidal person will start to plan their suicide. You may notice that they are searching the related topics on the Internet, or they may be trying to find a way to get a gun, for example. This requires immediate act and reaction of other family members, friends, and close people. Don't think of it as of a joke. 

3. Talking about not having a will to live. It's no secret that a lot of bereaved parents may find hard to get the will to live, yet if a person isn't finding any validate reason to continue their life, it's a big alarm. This behavior can be seen mostly in the depression phase of the grieving process


Okay, now that we have listed top 3 behavior that can indicate a person is seriously planning to commit suicide, let's take a look at some other signs, that also represent a serious suicidal risk.

1. Talking about being trapped. The person will, from time to time, talk that they feel like they're trapped and that they are carrying a pain they cannot handle. This can happen in the guilt phase of the grieving process

2. A burden to others... A suicidal person will also talk about being a burden to other people, especially to family members. Remember that everyone deserves help from their close people, especially in the grieving process. You don't have to go through it all alone. At least, you have us, and this community - you can talk about your feelings and find support on our forum. 

Maybe expressing your feelings through art can be helpful as well - take a look at our art section

3. Addictions. I've written a lot about the addiction problem and why it is very common among people who have lost a loved one. Alcohol and drugs are the most common addictions. This article can help you to help a family member with addiction. 

4. Reckless life. They may also start behaving recklessly. You'll see them "living on the edge" non-stop and not worrying about the consequences.

5. Social withdrawal. A suicidal person may also talk about that they feel completely isolated and misunderstood from the entire world. 

6. Changed sleeping pattern. They will either sleep too little, or too much. Find some useful tips related to fighting insomnia in this article

7. Rage and revenge. Showing rage all the time and thinking about revenge are also a signs of a suicidal behavior. This will mostly happen if they are trapped in the anger phase of the grieving process. 

8. Mood swings that are changing all the time. 


If you have recognized yourself in these warning signs, please know that you can find support on this website. I am also inviting you to take a look at this topic on the forum - feel free to talk about your feelings. 


Take care! 

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